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DAMWON Gaming defeats G2 Esports to secure first appearance at World Championship finals | Esports Ray

DAMWON Gaming dominated G2 Esports in the semi-finals of the 2020 World Championship today, taking revenge for being knocked out in the last League of Legends World Championship by the European giant. At the start of this rematch, the odds were against G2 due to DWG’s dominance throughout the year. They had one of the most dominant divisions in the LCK, completely crushing the opposition. The solo laners of Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Heo “ShowMaker” Su came out of this series, edging out Wunder and Caps on the G2 side in every game. This tactic did not bear fruit, however, with DWG appearing ready for such a tactic. DWG’s Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu picked up the game right from the start of the jungle, snowballing his teammates and closing the series opener with no problem. After the devastating loss of the first game, G2 chose the red side which seemed like a huge mistake for the second game. DWG was on a winning streak for the blue side and was considered the favorite to win it. @DamwonGaming is currently on a 25 game winning streak on the blue side! They haven’t lost a single game during # Worlds2020 and LCK Summer on Blue, their last loss was in the Mid-Season Cup against @FPX_Esports! – LoLEsports Stats (@LoLEsportsStats) October 24, 2020 Once the game started, G2 played like heroes. They took an early lead and held it through the game, stopping DWG’s blue side’s 25-game winning streak. Over the next two games, DWG adjusted their draft phase, pushing G2 to pick. some champions, then counter them with surprise choices. This tactic worked wonderfully, allowing DWG to secure the next match win and put the series in their favor. After being destroyed in Game 3, G2 released five comfort picks in all lanes. with the hope of resisting the overwhelming power of LCK. . They weren’t able to deliver with DWG taking them apart in one of the fastest matches at this year’s World Championship. The competitive G2 race is over this year. They didn’t look as dominant as the year before and weren’t considered one of the favorites to win it all. Even after beating Gen.G in a 3-0 clean sweep last week, everyone wondered if he would also be able to defeat DWG, which is on a whole new level, DWG will face the winner. between Suning and TOP Esports next week, Oct.31. Tune in to find out who will reign supreme during this year’s World Championship at 4 a.m.

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