CSGO Source 2 String Found In Latest Artifact Update


After months of ongoing rumors about Source 2’s massive update for CSGO, it looks like its release date may be approaching. In a recent “ Gabe Follower ” leak on Twitter, he appears to have found strings in the latest Artifact update hinting at the upcoming Source 2 engine update for CSGO. While nothing can be conclusively deciphered from the aforementioned strings, fans suspect that the strings may refer to a real-time lighting and shadow system for the competitive shooter in the works. The Source 2 update has been shrouded in uncertainty over the past few months. Although no official confirmation has been made by Valve when Source 2 arrives in CSGO, multiple leaks seem to indicate otherwise. Just a few days ago, a series of leaks suggested that the Source 2 port was nearing completion. So don’t be surprised if he makes it to the FPS title in the next few weeks. Read also | CSGO will have an open beta for Source 2: Leaks suggest Along with Source 2, the leaks also suggest that CSGO will receive three additional game modes in the near future, including Retake, Heist (Inspired by PAYDAY) and 1v1 / 2v2 versus modes. Follow us on our social networks –

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