COD mobile redemption code [OCT 25] – Get a free emote


Call of Duty: Mobile is the popular multiplayer shooter from Activision’s popular Call of Duty game franchise. This game has enjoyed the love of COD enthusiasts from the very beginning and recently the game completed a year of its successful run and since then the game has offered its players new content and rewards too nice to overlook. This time, they are giving their players a free emote for the first time. Some dataminers have found a redemption code in COD Mobile that gives the BiSH emote via a redemption code to everyone for free. COD Mobile redemption code details: The COD Mobile redemption code is an emoticon titled “BiSH”. The BiSH emote is an in-game emote that will move the character into a fun position with one hand on the head and the other on the waist. The character will perform this movement three times before stopping. Players can use this emote in Multiplayer and Battle Royale mode to display in front of their teammates and the rest of the lobby. The discount code to redeem the reward is “BFNGZCZ5EM”. It is very easy to get this reward and for those who have no idea how to use it just follow the steps below: Launch COD Mobile and enter your profile section. Copy the UID code shown in the upper left corner of the screen.Click here to visit COD Mobile Redemption Center.Paste the UID code in the first text box.Now copy the following code and paste it into the code box exchange. The code is “BFNGZCZ5EM”. Enter the verification code and click Submit. Confirm your UID and exit. Check your in-game mailbox. The skin will be offered by email and click collect to have it in your inventory. This is the first time that COD: Mobile has offered a free emoticon to its players without performing any additional in-game tasks. Previously, in other events, players were offered free skins or rewards only for completing the given set of tasks within a limited period of time. Use the code above as soon as possible to get the BiSH emote for free. There are no details on when the game can remove this code, so make the most of it before the time runs out. Also read: How to get Adler in Call of Duty: Mobile

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