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After a dominant spring divide and a disastrous summer divide, Cloud9 is rocking its League of Legends roster as 2021 approaches. Top laner Licorice announced today that he has been told C9 will go from there. ‘before without him next season. The 23-year-old Canadian has been with C9 since his acquisition in November 2017 after a year with eUnited in the North American Challenger Series. Cloud9 told me last week that I won’t be making the squad in 2021. I am so proud that I was able to help bring the trophy home for all C9 fans while I was here . Changing teams is part of being a pro and I’m ready to compete with a new team next year.— Licorice (@Licorice) October 19, 2020 Since joining C9, Licorice and the team have reached three LCS finals and won a national title, and most notably, became the first NA team since 2011 to reach the Worlds semifinals when they finished in the top four in the 2018 event. started off very well with the team winning almost every game in the regular Spring Split. season. After winning nine of their 10 playoff games, the team picked up where they left off in the Summer Split by winning their first nine games. A loss to 100 Thieves in Week 5, however, began a period of relative inconsistency, leading C9 to finish second in the regular season to Team Liquid. Despite the struggles of the second half, C9 just had to finish in the first three in the playoffs to qualify. for the Worlds, an event C9 has played every year since 2013. Unfortunately, the team were unable to make it, as they lost to FlyQuest, which they swept in the spring final, and against TSM, the future summer champions. The replacement is C9 Academy’s top laner Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami, who has won both Academy divisions this season with C9 this season. Fudge, from Australia, can replace Licorice without the team needing to make any additional moves due to the recent change in the import status of Oceanic players. Fudge’s contract was extended for one year on October 13, blocking him until the 2023 season, according to the Global Contracts Database.

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