Check Out 14 Minutes of Unsettling Scorn Gameplay

The scorn left many gamers scratching their heads when its mysterious (and, frankly, disgusting) trailer dropped during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase in May. Developer Ebb Software has given intrigued gamers a good look at the game’s HR Giger-style world and the horrors it contains. The long demo (an expanded version of a level introduced in 2017 now running on Xbox Series X) takes players on a methodical hike through one of Scorn’s labyrinthine levels. One of the main takeaways visually is that everything has a biomechanical feel. Pulsating flesh roots cover the metal walls and the gadgets feel as alive as the player. Even your weapon is just a shell covering a network of living muscles. At one point, the character impales a creature by pulling a retractable rod from the barrel of his weapon – reminiscent of the Xenomorph’s second mouth in Alien. As disgusting as the weapons are, you’ll need them to fight all manner of disturbing creatures, best described as “meaty, toothy, what?” Ebb unveiled Scorn in 2016 and describes it as an “atmospheric first-person horror adventure game”. The game offers a non-linear exploration in its interconnected rooms. As the trailer shows, the Zones also feature their own unique puzzles. As players explore they will unlock new skills and weapons that are sure to be just as … nasty as the arsenal featured in the video. Of course, the new trailer might not have been the most action-packed look in the game. However, it does a good job of emphasizing the ominous atmosphere and spooky imagery. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what other horrors Scorn has in store for players. Ebb plans to launch the game for Xbox Series X and PC sometime in 2021. In the meantime, find out what will come to Xbox Series X on launch day and impressions of the console in action. How does Scorn seem to take shape? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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