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Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez of G2 Esports on the challenges of competing at the 2020 Worlds during a global pandemic

The League of Legends World Championships are in full swing after reaching the championship quarterfinals. Eight teams battled out of the group stages in an attempt to win what is widely regarded as esports’ most prestigious championship. Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez, owner of Spanish organization G2 Esports, stands ready as his own team prepare for their knockout championship match against General G. During this intermission, Rodriguez has found time to talk with The Esports Observer, sharing his thoughts on the overall feel of Worlds and what G2 has done to prepare – from 40s to competition. “Two weeks. Dude, they came early and had to quarantine themselves. I was feeling for them. It was hard for some of them,” Rodrigueuz said. “Some of them did better than d ‘others, I think Wunder [G2 player Martin Hansen] appreciated, but it always comes down to the character of each of them. Wunder likes to be alone, no one pisses him off, while others are not like that. They need people around, and who can blame them? It was difficult, but they are amazing. This year, the Worlds are being played in Shanghai, China, and teams have been forced to come to the country, some a month before, and self-quarantine in order to compete. Rodriguez made sure he had all the tools available to help his team not only get past 40, but also be able to compete – the very purpose of being there. “The best we can do is make sure the infrastructure is in place,” he said. “We made sure we could buy products online. So if we needed weights for training or whatever in the room, or if we needed additional items from an infrastructure perspective, we were ready to take care of that. Another avenue that Rodriguez and his company ensured staff and players could travel on was to provide online help in the form of medical professionals, if needed during this somewhat difficult time. “Along with online content, our organization is always in contact with psychologists and sports performance experts. Some of them are from Red Bull, who has so much competition experience having coached many athletes from the states and Austria, ”said Rodriguez. “We have this under control and have been planning this for some time. Besides the fact that we love to have fun with social media and the like, we take our jobs very seriously. I make sure that at times like this, players have all the tools at their fingertips to maneuver for those few weeks. It was the first time these guys had done something like this. Knowing that this was difficult for all teams and their players, Rodriguez notes that Riot Games, the publisher behind the event, made a monumental effort to get the event off the ground because the company could have simply canceled it due to of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was almost an insurmountable challenge to build a tournament like this at times like this,” he said. “Riot did a really good job. I don’t think a lot of publishers have the ball to put on what Riot has put in place – especially in China. I can’t even imagine the amount of money Riot probably spent putting these worlds together. Credit: G2 Esports And speaking of the amount of money Riot spent to even host the event, Rodriguez notes that some teams, like those in North America, may spend money only to be eliminated early in the tournament. . He would like to see the area improve a bit. “Unfortunately, we crushed Team Liquid’s dreams by beating them in the opening game of the day, but again losing to Suning, which put them out of the tournament,” said Rodriguez. “I think there is a lot to be said about North America. I think the region is relative to last year or maybe even a little worse or maybe the same but I will say this region has a lot of heart. However, as much as Rodriguez has his own opinions on other regions of League of Legends, he is currently fully focused on G2. “We suck in a group. We are so bad. We’re not a cheesy team, we’re not a throwing team, we’re a team that’s supposed to be better, “he said.” But we play the game our way and we like to limit a lot. the tests. Credit: Riot Games / lolesports However, in all fairness, Rodriguez will take the advancement as they did last year at the world championships where the team advanced to the grand final after finishing second in the groups “Overall, we should be happy that we did it. If you told me before the group stage, that we could and would finish second by signing a piece of paper, I would sign that paper with blood. We are not maybe not in the top five to come out of the squads, but we’re really good at adapting and a team that’s ready for what the team we were playing next will do. We’re ready for this next game. “G2 will face off against it. General G in a League of Legends World Championship quarterfinal match being held at 3 a.m. PST on October 18, 2020.

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