Call Of Duty: Mobile Adds Blackout Alcatraz Map For New Anniversary Season

Despite initial skeptical thoughts when announcing Call of Duty’s mobile experience, the portable shooter has done pretty well in terms of player counts and constant updates. For those enjoying this competitive pocket-sized experience, Call of Duty: Mobile has just added the Blackout Alcatraz map in addition to a few other new in-game features to get started. To celebrate the game’s anniversary, the team behind Call of Duty: Mobile has added Alcatraz, The Club, a new Battle Pass, and more. We get our first look at the new season, which is out now, in the video clip below: For those who love Gunfight, a new map for this mode is coming with King and a new 1v1 dueling map aptly called Halloween. Standoff. . 10vs10 Kill Confirmed is also included with the new update as well as a new game mode called Cranked. While not the only shooter in the mobile market, Fortnite is another incredibly successful portable business, but it continues to dominate. With a new season offering a few new experiences to enjoy and cosmetics to be won, there always seems to be a reason to come back for those who enjoy this particular experience. Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on iOS and Android devices. Thoughts on the new season and the new fashions? Thoughts on mobile gaming in general? Ring them out loud and proud in the comments section below.

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