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Tfue has proven time and time again to be one of the best battle royale players on the planet. And although his popularity started with success in Fortnite, he is also known to show off his skills in Call of Duty. With over 11.8 million hours spent playing Call of Duty in the past year and 636 hours of airtime spent playing the game, it’s pretty safe to say he’s an expert on the subject. of kills in Activision’s first-person shooter. of the game, Black Ops Cold War, isn’t out for another month. But with the beta weekend in full swing, it might be worth checking out Tfue’s settings as you prepare for an early game access marathon weekend. Here are Tfue’s settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.Tfue DPI400Game Sens6 sensitivity settings. 19Vertical Sens Mult.1.00ADS SensLegacyADS (High & Low Zoom) 0.51ADS keybindsReloadRJumpSpaceUseVCrouch / SlideCProneFSprintLeft ShiftWeapon swap1 / Scr UpWeapon MountB / ZMeleeEArmor Plate4Tactical EquipmentMouse Button 4Lethal video EquipmentQTfue settingsRender Res100Framerate LimitCustomField of TransitioningInstantAcceleration0.00Filtering0.00SmoothingDisabledTfue of View120ADS field ViewIndependentBrightness50.19Texture ResLowTexture FilterLowParticle QualityHighBullet ImpactEnabledTessellationDisabledShadow Map ResLowCache Spot / Sun ShadowsDisabledParticle LightingLowWorld / Weapon Motion BlurDisabled Ambient OcclusionDisabled

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