Bungie Reveals Next-Gen Destiny 2 Dates And Details

Bungie today shared new details on what players can expect to experience with Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. And, just as importantly, we’ve learned when the main features will be released. online for next-gen console gamers. While Destiny 2 will be available on next-gen platforms starting November 10, several of the new enhancements to these systems won’t be released until December 8. console families (PS5 with PS4 and Xbox Series X / S with Xbox One). Better load times will be a particularly attractive feature for many console gamers, as it not only means shorter wait times to fly in places like the Tower, but also faster loading of inventory information, like when you hover over a particular gear slot in your character sheet – an issue that has long been plaguing current-gen consoles. Meanwhile, several other features will take a little longer to get live and won’t arrive until December 8, including 4K resolution (on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but not Xbox Series S), 60fps framerate, and a newly announced field of view slider, a feature that aims to be similar to the same option already on PC. Upgrading to the next gen version of Destiny 2 is free on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S via Xbox Smart Delivery. Console gamers keen to play the next expansion, Beyond Light, and immediately enjoy the 4K and 60fps experience when the expansion launches may be frustrated that the full suite of features is not fully live. right now. On the flip side, intergenerational play at launch is a huge deal, ensuring that clans and other groups of friends can keep playing together no matter who has the money to upgrade their system. Check out the full rundown of next-gen features on the Bungie site.

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