BOOBIE joins Yeah


BOOBIE joins the ranks of Yeah to complete a lineup that was scaled back to four players following the release of Alef “⁠tatazin⁠” Pereira, who was benched earlier this month and transferred to a streamer / creator role content within the organization. The move comes after the 23-year-old played in the Masters FPL Cup 1 and ESEA Autumn Cash Cup 1 with Yeah, where the team made the final and semi-finals respectively. Yes, we’re back to five players with the addition of BOOBIE. “I think this team already has a lot of promise in NA,” BOOBIE said in the official team release, “right now I’m trying just building our chemistry together as teammates and friends My relationship with f4stzin, dumau and RCF has been great so far they are pretty easy going and for Swisher we have known each other for a little while now and still have been cool with each other. That being said, things are going in the right direction. “Yeah are currently set to play the IEM Beijing-Haidan 2020 North America Closed Qualifying Tournament starting October 30 and will be attending all eight DreamHack Masters Winter North America teams starting in late November, where they will join Liquid, Evil. Geniuses and TeamOne. Yeah now: Rodrigo “⁠RCF⁠” Figueiredo Eduardo “⁠dumau⁠” Wolkmer Arthur “⁠f4stzin⁠” Schmitt Michael “⁠Swisher⁠” Schmid Brandon “⁠BOOBIE⁠” Roberts Victor “⁠iDk⁠” Torraca (bench) Alef ” ⁠Tatazin⁠ “Pereira (bench)

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