BIG, OG and fnatic complete the list of Flashpoint 2 teams


The three European teams currently ranked seventh, eighth and twelfth in the world according to the ranking of will join the teams qualified forZe and as well as seven of the eight founding teams of Flashpoint: Gen.G, MAD Lions, c0ntact, Dignitas, Cloud9, Envy and MIBR. As previously announced, the currently un-rostered FunPlus Phoenix will be out of the upcoming second season, with their new general manager, Petar “⁠peca⁠” Marković, declaring earlier this month that the organization does not want to take over. rushed decisions in the event of a problem. sign a new list. fnatic kicks off second season of Flashpoint The tournament will be played online, with all teams residing in Europe, and will start with a GSL group stage from November 10-22. The playoffs, the format of which is unknown, will follow after a week’s break from November 30 to December 6. Flashpoint 2 will air from B Site’s London studio, with Duncan “⁠Thorin⁠” Shields and Christopher “⁠MonteCristo⁠” Mykles as the figurehead of the tournament broadcast’s on-air talent team, who promises to deliver “the best production, best commentary and storytelling”. The tournament will bring together several teams that have undergone recent revisions. Cloud9 will debut at the event with its all-new lineup led by Alex “⁠ALEX⁠” McMeekin, while MAD Lions, Gen.G, c0ntact, Dignitas, Envy and MIBR are all set to showcase new additions, some of them are still not announced yet. “We are delighted to return with Flashpoint 2 to deliver on our promise of raw, unfiltered entertainment for our fans with the biggest prize pools of 2020 with arguably the coolest trophy of all sports,” said MonteCristo, Commissioner of Flashpoint . in a report. “We look forward to seeing our storylines unfold, including the emergence of BIG and OG this year, how the rebuilt rosters of some of our teams such as Cloud9 will compete and whether MAD Lions can defend their title.” The second season of Flashpoint features the following twelve teams:

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