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Vladimir is one of the most effective upper path mages in League of Legends, the champion offers a unique skill set with the ability to drain opponents’ health and blast enemy champions with an array of abilities. for all league champions, the ideal build as Vladimir must reflect the state of the match and who chooses the opposing team chooses. Whatever the situation, however, there are some basics that will always work well with Vladimir’s kit.RunesScreengrab via Riot GamesSorceryPhase Rush: One of Vladimir’s weakest traits is his slow movement speed. In order for Vladimir to pursue enemy champions, he must increase this stat and can do so using the Phase Rush rune. This rune will grant Vladimir a movement speed boost after hitting an enemy champion with three abilities over four seconds. On top of that, he will also see a 75% reduction in slowing effects, which will allow him to chase down and take down fleeing enemies.Nimbus Cloak: Vladimir often takes teleportation as a summoner spell to spin around of the map and help his team as needed. . Nimbus Cloak allows him to gain movement speed over the cooldowns of his summoner spells, and having the teleport means that this increase will be quite substantial. Nimbus’ cloak will also allow Vladimir to pass through units after using a summoner spell, allowing him to continue through the lanes without getting blocked by minions regardless of which summoner spell he takes. heavily based on ability and deals most of its damage in quick succession. Having enough CDR will not only help him deal more damage, but also allow him to use his abilities to heal his health at an increased rate. Transcendence grants Vladimir 10% CDR at level 10 and assists the champion by turning all CDRs above the limit into ability power that will increase his damage Gathering Storm: One of the most common runes for champions Mage, Gathering Storm grants Vladimir incremental power that increases as the game progresses. Taking this allows the player to have small spikes of power over time without needing to purchase additional items.InspirationMagical Footwear: Vladimir receives a free pair of boots, worth 300 gold, at the start of the game by taking magic shoes. The Crimson Reaper will win the boots even sooner for every kill on an opponent he’s a part of. As the CDR is the most important for Vladimir, it is a must-have rune.Bonus: + 1-10% CDR, +9 adaptive power, +6 armorStarting itemsScreengrab via Riot GamesDoran’s ShieldDoran’s Shield grants Vladimir 80 points of health as well as increased health regeneration. The item also deals a bit more damage with Basic Attacks, making it easier for the mage to farm. Health Potion After purchasing Doran’s shield, Vladimir will have an additional 50 gold, which can be spent for a health potion. This item will heal 150 health if Vladimir takes damage from enemy champions or minions during the laning phase before he has to return to base.Main itemsScreengrab via Riot GamesHextech Protobelt-01The most valuable item for Vladimir, Hextech Protobelt has several of the most important traits for the champion, including 300 health, 60 powers, and 10% CDR.The item also has a unique activation that allows Vladimir to rush forward, emitting a nova of lightning bolts that will damage nearby enemies. This is useful for Vladimir to fill in the gaps and get within range of enemies to use his abilities.The Hourglass of Zhonya Another incredibly valuable item to Vladimir, the Hourglass of Zhonya offers the champion a substantial increase in power as well as a means to defend themselves in skirmishes. Boasting a stat boost of 75 ability power, 45 armor, and 10% CDR, this item really shines with its active ability to put Vladimir into stasis, making him invulnerable for a short period of time. For Vladimir, this can be paired with his Sanguine Pool and Tides of Blood abilities to deal damage to surrounding enemies while he remains intact. Rabadon’s Death Hat The most well-known power element in the game, Rabadon’s Death Hat is an integral part of Vladimir’s build to maximize his damage. The item will provide Vladimir with 120 power bonus. But the item’s value comes from its passive ability which will increase the champion’s overall power boost by 40% of its value. This will allow Vladimir to deal substantial damage with a combination of his abilities.Endgame ItemsScreengrab via Riot GamesSorcerer ShoesThese are the perfect boots for Vladimir. The item will not only grant the champion the standard mobility bonus, but also 18 magic penetration, which will allow their spells to deal more damage through the effects of magic resistance.Morellonomicon In addition to the health and potency bonuses, Morellonomicon also grants the champion more magical penetration. As the player nears the later stages of the game, they will need to build this statistic on Vladimir to ensure that he thwarts any magic resist the enemies have built. Void Staff Finally, to top it off, the Void Staff must be built as a tool to maximize damage output. The item does this not only with its 70 ability power boost, but also its unique passive ability to have Vladimir’s abilities ignore 40% of the enemy’s magic resist. This is going to make a huge difference in a one-on-one situation.

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