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Fiora is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, since her redesign she has grown into a champion capable of quickly filling in gaps and dealing impressive damage through a combination of basic attacks on vital elements. . The champion also has multiple ways to counter her abilities and gain the upper hand in a duel situation. As with any League champion, Fiora is not without its weaknesses. With the right champion paired with a solid strategy, Fiora can be beaten with relative ease. Here are some of the best counter-picks for taking on Fiora in the top lane.KennenImage via Riot Games A champion who remains largely unused in casual and ranked games, Kennen offers a combination of ranged attacks and super-fast mobility that few champions of the first route are capable of. In the match against Fiora, the key to Kennen’s victory is to intimidate him off the farm in the early stages of the match. If Kennen can go ahead and hamper his ability to buy items, he will be able to easily kill the champion and give his team a boost in team fights. Kennen’s passive ability Mark of The Storm allows Kennen to stun Fiora after hitting her with three of his abilities. Because its abilities are all on short cooldowns, it’s not a difficult task to accomplish. Timing the third ability correctly may be all it takes to set up an easy kill against Fiora.As soon as Fiora is within range of Thundering Shuriken, Kennen’s players should look to send the ability to him immediately. This will not only deal damage, but also earn a mark to activate Mark of The Storm. Since Fiora wants to step forward and reduce the distance to deal her damage, pairing this ability with Kennen Surge Electric’s other ability can stop the champion in her tracks. Electric Surge can only be activated after Kennen has marked a target with Mark of the Storm, but his passive ability makes that easier. The passive allows Kennen to mark Fiora every few Basic Attacks and deal bonus damage. Once the Electric Surge is activated, it will deal additional damage to Fiora and add yet another Mark, and having the ability to time stuns against Fiora to stop his advances is handy. But this tactic will not always be achievable. Luckily for Kennen, he has another way to safely escape Fiora or even initiate her quickly if the circumstances require with the use of Lightning Rush. Lightning Rush transforms Kennen into a lightning form, allowing him to traverse units and apply Mark of the Storm on contact. This ability also grants the champion a massive increase in movement speed which will allow him to quickly escape or engage the enemy.Finally, Kennen’s most powerful tool not only for countering Fiora’s abilities, but also to increase his chances of killing the champion is his ultimate ability. Slice Maelstrom. This will see Kennen summon a storm, hitting nearby enemies with magical damage and inflicting a mark on them with each wave the champion impulses during that time.Use Kennen’s abilities to stay at bay and out of the danger Fiora brings with his attacks. base will Make this experience an easy laning experience and give the team an advantage before the match is over. Pantheon Image via Riot Games Pantheon is a strong choice against Fiora due to his impressive dueling abilities which will allow him to minimize l effectiveness of Fiora’s attacks. The key to Pantheon’s victory is to eliminate Fiora early in the match, as the match later in the match will depend on who had the strongest laning phase. Fiora’s most dangerous tool in a match like this one against Pantheon is his retaliation. This ability allows Fiora to parry incoming damage before retaliating, slowing, or even stunning the opposing champion. Anticipating Riposte will be important for Pantheon to use his abilities. If he’s able to land Shield Vault to stun Fiora, this will allow him to deal damage often enough to tip the match in his favor. But if Fiora negates that stun with Riposte, she’ll eventually gain the upper hand.Comet Spear is a great tool for Pantheon to deal damage to Fiora without putting herself in danger. This can be both a good way to attract Riposte but also a way to reduce Fiora’s health and give herself the advantage of closing the distance and starting the fight. Once Riposte is down, Pantheon should use Shield Vault to reduce distance, stun Fiora, and deal damage. If once Fiora is no longer stunned she continues to duel, then Pantheon should use Aegis Assault. This ability will see Pantheon install his shield, become invulnerable to damage from the front, and deal damage with his spear, if Fiora chooses to escape the action and retreat to the lane, provided he is level six, Pantheon will be able to continue. and secure withdrawal with the use of his ultimate Grand Starfall ability. If the ability itself is not enough to finish Fiora, he will be able to land his suit again, dealing even more devastating damage to the champion. Pantheon is a great choice for Fiora. But its effectiveness hinges on preventing Fiora from taking the lead early in the game.RyzeImage via Riot GamesIn this match, Ryze should play the first phase of laning safely against Fiora and avoid getting too aggressive while inflicting damage. solid poke damage and taking takedowns when possible. Ryze has an advantage over Fiora since he’s a ranged champion whose abilities don’t require him to be close to his enemy. This allows her to keep a distance while blasting her opponent with spells.Once Fiora uses her Bladework ability to increase movement speed, it will be clear that she is planning to rush over to Ryze and launch an attack. . In this situation, Ryze should cast Spell Flux on Fiora, weakening the champion and any enemies nearby. Once Fiora is affected by Spell Flux, Ryze should then combine this with his overload ability to deal even more damage.If Fiora advances on Ryze and starts attacking the Vital Elements, using Rune Prison is a great way to stop Fiora and allow Ryze to create some. distance between the two. This ability will trap Fiora in a cage of runes, and if she is already affected by Flux, she will be rooted instead. If Fiora appears to be approaching, casting Spell Flux sets up a variety of different attack and defense options. Another tool Ryze has for both of these purposes is his Ultimate Realm Warp ability. This will see Ryze teleport himself and his nearby allies to a targeted location. This will give him extra mobility to seek out eliminations or escape dangerous combat situations.The key to victory in the match is for Ryze to stay at bay, interrupting Fiora’s advances while intimidating him off the farm and in arranging withdrawals when vulnerable.

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