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Call of Duty: Mobile is a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter. The game has its own battle royale mode, but nothing quite matches the authentic COD experience offered by multiplayer modes. The game is quite competitive and as you move up the ranks and skill level counts a lot alongside knowledge of the game. Although you will need to develop your own skills, we can help you in terms of knowledge of the game. game Refer to this list of top five assault rifles to take in your matches in COD Mobile. Firearms play a very important role in the operation of COD Mobile. Having the right weapon at the right time is extremely necessary for players, and those who carry the same weapons for every fight face a huge disadvantage in some situations. For maps like Nuketown and Raid it’s essential for you to have at least a burst damage loadout like SMG and Shotguns and for maps like Firing Range snipers and assault rifles are more preferred in COD Mobile. Regardless of which mode you play, it is very important to carry at least two assault rifles in your loadouts to have better chances of winning. For you to get this perk, we’ll discuss the top five assault rifles you can carry to have an equal match for every situation. The five best assault rifles for every situation in COD: Mobile assault rifles play an important role in COD Mobile for short and medium range combat and in order to function properly one must take into account various factors under which the rifle assault will be used. The player must correctly understand the terrain of the map and each location. For example, if you’re playing Nuketown, you need to have AR that can do enough burst damage in close range combat and with a higher rate of fire to melt your enemies easily. In this scenario, ADS accuracy may be compromised to get a better pistol with good hip firing accuracy and high mobility. Now if you consider another map like Raid, the fights that happen most often are at mid-range and here you need to have a gun that matches your opponents. If you wear the same AR that you used in Nuketown, you will be at a more disadvantage. You need a pistol that has better ADS accuracy, low recoil, and sufficient mobility to disengage quickly after finding victims. The five weapons mentioned below are chosen from each category that will help you in short, medium and even long range combat. It is recommended to keep at least a combination of the two guns mentioned below for best results in each card. DR-H The first gun on our list is DR-H. It’s an assault rifle that gives you the highest raw power on this list and is pretty easy to control. Now, if you consider the scenarios mentioned above, DR-H can match the power of most SMGs and can give you a fair chance to win a duel in Nuketown. Likewise, DR-H is stable enough that you can easily control the pistol for mid-range combat, but there may be a slight downside compared to other stable low recoil weapons. DR-H may be considered the most stable and best weapon to use in close range combat, but the biggest thing this gun lacks is mobility. You can win any duel if you aim accurately, but if the save arrives on time it’s extremely difficult to navigate to safe spots. The weapon also has a base 20 round magazine which is a lot less than its fellow ARs so you will have to think before you shoot. If you’re playing Raid, you can use this DR-H to perform a mid-range kill through three open areas and still have enough time to jump to safety behind walls / doors and even the fountain. We recommend that you carry this game with a red dot sight, extended magazine and other attachments that will make it more mobile and the weapon will become a beast that can instill terror in your enemies. KN-44 The next gun on our list is named KN-44. You can consider this weapon the best option for any close combat. It has an insane rate of fire that remains unmatched by other assault rifles. If you like to play Deathmatch mode, this weapon is a must have in one of your loadouts. If you are not a fan of SMGs, this gun works exactly the same but with a bit more damage. In Deathmatch, there are still maps like Firing Range where this gun won’t be effective at all if you can’t convert combat to close combat. Mobility with KN-44 is perfect and you can just slip in, catch some players off guard, take kills and get to safety. Now if you are playing Domination this is the choice again. Domination mode forces you to fight at close range and tactically no matter what map you are playing, so make sure you take full advantage of this advantage by choosing KN-44 over other weapons to dominate your opponents. We recommend that you use a thermite or land mine next to the smoke to help you in demon mode. Speaking of the attachments, it can be personalized to a much greater extent and you can create any weapon you like. Adding additional bullets via an extended magazine is always recommended, but if you want to increase things like ADS accuracy, hip fire, and mobility around the pistol, choose the accessories that suit your needs. Man-o-War As the name suggests, the weapon is made for war and is incredibly strong than other weapons. The pistol is heavy to carry but does so much damage that even LMGs can be defeated with this pistol. Man-o-War can be considered the best AR so far and with more and more weapons being added to the game the options are multiplying, but this weapon remains a solid choice against most weapons. It even has the ability to destroy DR-H users, but accurately mastering the pistol’s recoil pattern is a very difficult task for anyone. If you absolutely want to wipe out your enemies, this might be the best choice, but it comes with a big catch. You have to train hard with this gun because the mobility is very low and therefore even with a sliding mechanism you can easily catch yourself. For seek and destroy mode, Man-o-War is a great choice for an aggressive push, but consider yourself a sacrifice in this situation because even though you can easily catch an entry kill, it’s nearly impossible. to flee from cover fires. It is the intricacies of the game that you will have to learn from experience. This gun needs to be customized to increase mobility and accuracy, but you can even add a laser sight and other close range accessories to carry this gun in deathmatch modes. M4 The very first gun available when you start playing COD: Mobile is M4. It’s very easy to get, master, and increase XP to have a full set of mods right off the bat. Some players may consider this weapon inferior to others on this list due to its stability, but that’s what makes it unique. There are times when you’re playing cards like Shooting Range and need a pistol that can accurately hit targets at long range without compromising its damage. The M4 is an absolutely perfect pistol for mid to long range combat, but it is slightly at a disadvantage in close range combat. The pistol has less damage than its competition and therefore it is not wise to choose this weapon at close range. If you like playing Search and Destroy more and have specific positions that require you to fight at long range, M4 with a higher range variant is your perfect choice. Attaching a 3 × scope is ideal for this weapon alongside the extended magazine and other accessories can be changed to your preference. This gun can challenge sniper players if the opponent misses the first shot and can easily beat opponents with unstable weapons that have poor aim. It’s a recommended pistol for entry-level players, but it’s a perfect AR and most recommended for long-range combat. AK-47 The last weapon on our list is the AK-47. It’s a very well known name and its various iterations occur in many titles. This pistol can be considered a double-edged sword simply because of its unexpected recoil pattern. The Ak-47 is one of the best weapons in COD: Mobile, but when you think of it as a must-have weapon, things get tricky. At the lower ranks, you won’t have any problem using the AK-47 as it is one of the first weapons available and most of your opponents will run the game. When you climb the ladder and reach a point where even you have almost all the weapons unlocked and your skills have been honed, this is when that choice starts to get moot. Players who will have access to much higher category weapons like DR-H, ICR, and M4 will beat you in an instant if you don’t aim properly and enter open fields to shoot. The AK-47 lacks fire rate, mobility but has insane damage up to a decent range. The weapon is shaking even if you combine it with stable accessories, so it is highly recommended that you use this weapon with that in mind. This gun ranks in the top five because of its raw power and if you’re willing to sacrifice stability and go for risky games, it can give you the most surprising results every now and then. Prepare to lose early on and learn this weapon good enough to crush your enemies once you understand the detailed mechanics of how the AK-47 works with various accessories in COD: Mobile. Conclusion: Here are our picks for the five best assault rifles COD Mobile has to offer. Now, using the weapons correctly is what matters. Not every scenario can be included in this article, so you will need to learn from your experiences and become better by playing these weapons regularly. Also, try to customize each gun with all of the available options until you find your perfect accessory set. This is a trial and error method, but the time invested in this method is well worth it. It is also a must for gamers to keep AR at close range and AR at medium and long range in their loading options. You can still carry more than two Assault Rifles, but saving slots for SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns is also necessary in COD Mobile. We recommend taking DR-H and KN-44 if you like Domination and Deathmatch, M4 as a long range option, and AK-47 and Man-O-War only when you are proficient in it. You can use both of these weapons in unranked matches before trying them out in ranked matchmaking. Let us know if this short guide has helped you improve your choice of assault rifles and improve your gameplay slightly. Also read: How to find your sensitivity in COD Mobile. follow us

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