Apex Legends Halloween Event Revealed Alongside Wallrunning Tease

It’s Halloween (almost), which means even more tricks and treats to enjoy in the games. With the Apex Legends Fight or Fright event kicking off on October 22, a new video showcases the “spooky” challenges that await players. Even more interesting? There also appears to be a wallrunning tease in the trailer. The returning seasonal event will include a new shadow-themed mode that will be radically different from the previously released Shadowfall Halloween mode. While there is still more to learn about the Halloween event, the trailer below teases an epic amount of action for Battle Royale fans. Treat yourself to the Fight or Fright event, from October 22 to November 3! Take part in a spooky new mode, spooky challenges, and devilishly delicious rewards … if you dare. 😈🎃 – Apex Legends (@PlayApex) October 20, 2020 While this is all cool, the most important thing to take away from the trailer with the addition of Tilted Shadow Royale is that the shadows appear to have a special ability, an ability that players have been requesting since launch given that Apex is a spin of Respawn’s Titanfall. That’s right, it looks like wallrunning will finally be a thing because this Shadow looks suspicious of doing just that. “Just in time for Halloween, we return to the spooky alternate dimension where Revenant runs the Apex games <” reads the latest blog post on the new mode. “Shadow Royale starts out like any other Trio match, but when you die you will be raised from the dead in a powerful 'shadow form' to avenge your assassins and aid your team to victory. Armed with attack With brutal melee, enhanced mobility and blazing speed, you'll terrorize other squads and protect your own with endless shadow lives until your living teammates are either eliminated or you emerge victorious as the last living squad. " Did you miss last year's Halloween event? Fear not, the loot from the past event will be returning for a second chance to earn it with a few new additions as well. Are you excited for the next Apex Legends Halloween event? Which part of the Fight or Fright festivities have you most amplified? Shout out with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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