AOC Twitch Stream Rounds Up Top Streamers For Among Us Sus Fest

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AKA AOC, exploded earlier this week to see if anyone was interested in a stream among us on Twitch. The response has been overwhelming, so it’s no surprise that the flow has started and is an event filled with surprises in an effort to get US citizens out and vote ahead of the November election. . On October 19, AOC issued a call to arms for gamers to see who would be interested in broadcasting the popular indie game with them to raise awareness among voters. Streamers like Pokimane and Hasanabi quickly made their way to the station for a chance to complete daily chores. While the full roster of who will join her has yet to be revealed outside of the aforementioned Twitch superstars, AOC promises an interesting flow to draw in younger voters. This isn’t the first time the rep has sparked a conversation in the gaming community. AOC wasn’t shy about her love for Riot’s League of Legends, she even joked that this particular community had hardened its skin on “political trolls.” “In-game politics” aside, Twitch has become a platform for more than just your everyday gamer. Joe Biden is speaking to the gaming community with his foray into the world of Animal Crossing and even President Donald Trump has created his own channel on the streaming network, but not for nothing to do with video games. What do you think of the AOC Among Us stream on Twitch to get people to vote? Will you be tuning in at 9 p.m. ET tonight? Give your opinion in the comments section below! Just … keep it civilian, please.

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