Among Us to fix hackers and server problems in next update


InnerSloth’s murder mystery board game, Among Us, is the latest trend in online video games. From huge streamers to US Congresswoman AOC, Among Us has managed to grab the attention of fans around the world in the past few weeks. But this rise in popularity has not been without bumps. The game has seen a sudden increase in the number of cheaters who have ruined matches for other players to take free wins. A recent exploit that surfaced in Among Us allowed hackers to boot other players in the game while sending a threatening message from their accounts. This cheat, created by Eris Loris, sparked terror among several fans who took to Reddit to complain about the issue. Looks like the developers have responded. “We are very much aware of the current issue of hacking and are looking into it,” the developers said on Twitter. “We will be launching an emergency server update so that players who are in-game are kicked out of the games.” InnerSloth has also advised players to play the game only with trusted friends. Better to avoid public lobbies for now. Hello everyone, We are very aware of the current hacking issue and are looking into it. We will be releasing an emergency server update so that in-game people are kicked out of the games. Please play private games or with people you trust !!! Find out with us !! 😰— InnerSloth (@InnerslothDevs) October 23, 2020 In the next few hours, the developers will be releasing an emergency server update that will likely fix the cheat issue that has haunted the game for so long.

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