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U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made her Twitch debut on Tuesday with an Among Us stream to encourage people to vote on November 3. his digital literacy and the use of technology to communicate with his constituents and the American people. His Twitch feed is the latest example of his use of social media for political activism. “Be sure to check out,” AOC said at the start of Tuesday’s feed. “Make a voting plan. Let me tell you why a voting plan is important. Based on past data, studies, and behavior, people who sit down and make a voting plan are more likely to vote than others. . . Please be sure to prepare your voting plan. AOC was joined by fellow American Ilhan Omar, who is the young MP for Minnesota’s Fifth District. Omar is a key AOC ally, and the two politicians are part of an informal group on Capitol Hill known as “The Squad”. The women of Congress were also joined by Twitch personalities such as Pokimane, Myth, HasanAbi, Gus Johnson and Disguised Toast, among others. At one point, Omar’s daughter Isra also joined in the fun. For more context, when Dr. Disrespect, one of the world’s most popular streamers, returned to streaming in August, it returned to over 500,000 viewers. The congressman rivaled her numbers on her very first stream, and those viewership stats don’t even factor in the audience of the streamers who joined her on Tuesday night. The highest individual stream by viewership in Twitch history, only behind the Ninja / Drake collaboration (628k) and the return of shroud (500k), the new streaming superstar has arrived – Rod Breslau (@Slasher) October 21, 2020 AOC’s first foray into the game. In 2019, the congressman made headlines when she hit Silver 4 in League of Legends. It also made waves in Washington earlier this year when it introduced an amendment to block funding for military recruiting on live streaming platforms, like Twitch. The move followed the U.S. military using bogus giveaways to trick Twitch users, including minors, into giving their personal information to the U.S. military. This amendment was ultimately rejected. With Twitch becoming a more traditional platform, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more politicians using it to connect with their own bases. AOC has shown that you can reach huge numbers of people just by playing games with popular streamers and having a good time.

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