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100 Thieves streamer Brookeab reveals she has been “targeted by a handful of online stalkers and abusers” Dot Esports

BrookeAB, a streamer for 100 Thieves, announced today that she has been stalked and abused by multiple people online, leading her to involve law enforcement in multiple states, as well as the FBI. She revealed today that she had been “targeted by a handful of online stalkers and abusers who have done and continue to do everything in their power to hurt me and those who support me with threats of murder, arson, bodily harm, job loss, and the most horrific threats you can imagine. In addition to threats against her, Brooke said threats had been made against family members and strangers. She said her family had been doxed and death threats had been made against people who were close to her heart. questioned, are being closely watched (as you read this), and will be held accountable. She also teased that she was working on a program to help other victims of online violence. In the program, which she says will be announced in the near future, female streamers and law enforcement and security experts will try to help victims of abuse and “change the culture of gaming forever.” . Brooke said in August that she was “working through something incredibly painful,” apparently explaining her sudden hiatus from streaming. She hasn’t given any details on the matter until today, though, although she again said she still couldn’t share many details due to the nature of the situation. , the telephone number for the National Crime Victims Hotline is 1-855-484-2846. If you feel in immediate danger, the National Center for Victims of Crime recommends that you call 911.

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